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How to choose an easy-to-use and convenient ice cream machine?

There are various types of ice cream in different stores, and the types of equipment are also various, such as ice cream sundaes, egg ice cream and so on. Therefore, when many shopkeepers are preparing to buy ice cream machines, they always don't know how to choose ice cream machines.

ice cream machine

Puffing rate determines the taste of ice cream

It's the taste produced. The puffing rate of the ice cream machine, the puffing tube, the puffing pump and the ice cream raw materials used are all factors that affect the taste of ice cream. A good ice cream machine puffing rate can greatly reduce the production cost of ice cream. Because ice cream milk contains a lot of bubbles from the pump, the ice cream made by a good ice cream machine has a silky taste and improves product stability. The puffing pump is stirred in the feeding tank. The operation of the device increases the puffing effect, the taste is good and it is not easy to melt. The Guangshen ice cream machine fully expands the ice cream, presents a soft and smooth taste, does not produce obvious ice residue, and does not cause the problem of cold teeth.

The compressor is the heart of ice cream

Compressors used in refrigeration and machines are an important part of the entire refrigeration system. It is equivalent to the heart of the refrigeration system. Obviously, a good compressor for ice cream machines is very important. Take the example of Guangshen ice cream machine that focuses on commercial refrigeration in the ice cream industry: It is equipped with a fully enclosed low-temperature compressor, which shortens the entire manufacturing process and achieves an extremely fast cooling effect. Compared with the huge noise of other machines during cooling, Guangshen ice cream machine makes the noise ingenious When the ground is lowered, the operating volume is below 68 decibels, which can not only give you sweet ice cream, but also allow you to enjoy a comfortable and quiet environment.

Convenient operation

The intelligent ice cream machine should have a simple and user-friendly operation interface, and it will not be easy to shut down the machine by pressing the wrong key. Because the mobility of store clerk is actually relatively large, every pre-job training cannot be 100% without any problems. In actual operation, it will definitely happen that the wrong button is pressed.

Guangli Machinery (Xinhui) Co., Ltd. was established in Xinhui District, Guangdong Province in 1999. We specialize in the manufacturing of new generation ice cream machines, ice makers(Stirring ice machines), slush freezers and ice cream powder.

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