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Fried ice machine working principle

Strolling through the lively city night market in summer, a variety of food and snacks are dazzling and colorful, and the most striking is the cold food that is both delicious and hot. The fried ice is made with a special fried ice pot, which is a quick-frozen pot. This special wok can lower the temperature to -15 ° C in half a minute.

The working principle of the ice machine is also very simple to understand, as follows:

The fry ice machine compressor compresses the refrigerant (turns the gas into a liquid). When the gas pressure is turned into a liquid under high pressure, it will release heat and dissipate heat through the heat pipe inside the frying machine (equivalent to absorbing cold air). Then, the refrigerant is released to the internal condenser of the frying machine through the expansion valve. At this time, the refrigerant flowing inside is a low-pressure liquid, and the refrigerant changes from the liquid to the gas to absorb the heat, so that the temperature inside the frying pan is lowered. It is the function of cooling. The gas refrigerant is then compressed by the compressor.

Fried ice machine use. Fried ice machine can be used to make fried ice, fried ice fruit, fried cream and other products.

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