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what to do with ice cream machine freezing cylinder?

The ice cream machine is a machine for making ice cream. The ice cream machine can mix milk powder, ice cubes, fruit, and then into a delicious Yuxia dessert. You can also use milk paddles to make ice cream. I bought the ice cream machine, and more or less various failures occurred during the operation. What are the maintenance methods for common failures of ice cream machine, such as the machine does not start, water leakage, the ice cream made is too soft, and the freezing tank?

Situation 1: There is a problem with the proportioning, and the slurry has too much moisture, which causes the cylinder to be frozen at the same hardness level.

Solution: After stopping the machine and waiting for melting, reduce the hardness level.

Situation 2: The difference in the amount of cake on the two sides is too large, and the side with less cake is prone to freezing.

Solution: On the side with a lot of cakes, pour out a few into the storage basin with less cakes to keep the amount of cakes on both sides basically balanced.

Situation 3: After cleaning the ice cream machine, the water in the freezing cylinder is not cleaned. This situation is also very easy to cause the phenomenon of freezing the freezing cylinder.

ice cream machine

Solution: punch out some of the added material and pour it into the storage tank again. In this way, the moisture remaining in the freezing cylinder can be discharged.

Situation 4: If you don't make cakes for a long time, and the machine is constantly cooling, it is very easy to cause freezing at this time.

Solution: If you don't make cakes for more than 30 minutes, please stop the ice cream machine, or make some cakes and pour them back into the storage bowl.

Situation 5: There is no material in the material vat. When there is no material in the material vat, the material cannot be squeezed out, and a large amount of air enters and freezes the vat.

Solution: Add raw materials to the material tank in time.

Situation 6: The cleaning machine has a wrong button for adding water, and the cleaning should be clicked but it has been pressed to refrigerate. This situation will also cause the freezing of the tank.

Solution: Change to the cleaning button in time.

Note: Guangli Machinery reminds you not to continue the ice cream machine, you should stop it in time, find the problem, and deal with it symptomatically. Do not forcibly press the discharge valve, it will easily cause the agitator to break.

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