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How to maintain and maintain the ice cream machine in the rubber ice cream shop?

As the main equipment of the ice cream shop, the rationality and daily maintenance of the ice cream machine have a great impact on the service life of the ice cream machine. If used improperly, the machine will often have problems.

1.Before cleaning and using the ice cream machine, it is necessary to coat the inside of the bell mouth of the agitator sealing sleeve with food-grade lubricating oil.

2.Before use, the place where the front end of the agitator is connected to the support sleeve needs to be smeared with food-grade lubricating oil.

ice cream machine

3.The longer the working time of the machine is, the higher the temperature of the reducer will be during use, which is prone to oil leakage, and it is necessary to add lubricating oil every few months.

4.When the machine is in normal operation, the long condenser will be covered with dust, which will affect the cooling effect. It is best to clean it once every six months.

5.If the machine is used for a long time, the vibration frequency of the mixing system may increase, and appropriate adjustments must be made to ensure that the machine can work effectively.

The operation steps of the maintenance and maintenance cycle can be appropriately changed according to the specific conditions. Maintenance and maintenance are mainly determined according to the use of the machine and the environmental conditions. You can adjust the maintenance cycle of the machine according to your actual use, and carry out targeted Maintenance and maintenance, remember to maintain your ice cream machine regularly. 

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