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What should you pay attention to when buying an ice cream machine?

An easy-to-use commercial ice cream machine can greatly increase the customer flow and sales of the store. In addition to looking at the price and cooling effect, many shopkeepers do not know what else to pay attention to when purchasing commercial ice cream machines, which leads to the purchase. The ice cream produced by my ice cream machine is unsatisfactory and still has ice ballast.

1. Puffing and homogenization rate

This index is an important parameter to measure the taste of ice cream. The puffing phenomenon is the mixing of air bubbles in the mixture. This depends on the quality of the compressor. The two-stage high-pressure homogenizer commonly used in the market can make the taste of ice cream more delicate.

ice cream machine

2. Bactericidal effect

Under the premise of ensuring the sterilization effect, the shorter the heating time of the mixture, the better. Currently, the machines with pasteurization on the market can be cleaned once every 14 days, which greatly saves manpower and cleaning costs.

3. Number and capacity of the discharge port

Single head: one storage tank and refrigeration tank, one discharge port can only produce ice cream of one color and flavor, suitable for business scope and places with low traffic, such as bars, coffee shops, ktv, etc.

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