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How to use the hard ice cream machine!

With the advancement of technology, ice cream machines are becoming more and more advanced. At present, all hard ice cream machines are fully automatic, that is, it is very simple and convenient to use. Next, let me talk about the use of hard ice cream machines.

hard ice cream machine

1. Debugging of ice cream machine

The use of hard ice cream machine is relatively simple, but the machine needs to be debugged before use. First check the power cord, whether the power switch has poor contact or leakage. So, is the operation panel normal? Listen for any unusual sounds in the internal system of the ice cream machine.

2. The ice cream machine should be cleaned before use

The hard ice cream machine should be cleaned before use. Pour clean water into the material bowl, then pour the cleaning liquid, and use a cleaning brush or towel to clean the material bowl, inlet, outlet valve, etc. in turn. Then press and hold the cleaning button, the freezing cylinder enters the cleaning mode, and automatically stops after cleaning. Drain the cleaned solution into the outlet. Extended reading: What types of ice cream machines are there? How to choose ice cream machines.

3, add ingredients to make ice cream

After the ice cream machine has been debugged and cleaned, you can start making ice cream. Pour the adjusted ice cream slurry into the bowl, put it into the ice cream machine, select the type of ice cream to be made on the electronic screen, press the start button, and the hard ice cream machine will automatically start. Automatically stop after production is completed.

Although the operation of the hard ice cream machine is simple, pay attention to the environment and conditions of the machine before use. The ice cream machine should be placed in a well-ventilated, well-heated place, and avoid direct sunlight.

Guangli Machinery (Xinhui) Co., Ltd. was established in Xinhui District, Guangdong Province in 1999. We specialize in the manufacturing of new generation ice cream machines, ice makers(Stirring ice machines), slush freezers and ice cream powder.

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