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Do ice cream machines need to be cleaned every day?

Consumers need beautiful, clean and hygienic machines. Please keep the outside of the machine clean at all times. You can wipe the machine with a warm towel to remove stains. Do not rinse with water to avoid electrical failures. In order to ensure the health of ice cream consumers and improve the service life of machine parts, it is recommended to clean the machine every day.

1) Press the cleaning button to discharge all the slurry in the tank, and press the stop button.

2) Add an appropriate amount of disinfectant with warm water, pour it into the bucket, and the amount of water in the two buckets is the same.

3) Press the cleaning button and stir for about 1-2 minutes to discharge the cleaning solution.

4) Wash 2-3 times with clean water and stop.

ice cream machine

Turn off the power and disassemble and wash the parts.

a. Unscrew the four screws on the side of the liquid outlet valve and remove the liquid outlet valve assembly.

b. Pull out the handle fixing pin, handle, valve stem and sealing ring from the liquid outlet valve in turn.

c. Pull out the agitator from the refrigeration cylinder and remove the sealing ring.

d. Clean all the dismantled parts and replace them in time if they are damaged.

e. Assemble the parts according to the opposite steps of disassembly.

The above is the step by step method of cleaning the ice cream machine.Guangli Machinery (Xinhui) Co., Ltd. was established in Xinhui District, Guangdong Province in 1999. We specialize in the manufacturing of new generation ice cream machines, ice makers(Stirring ice machines), slush freezers and ice cream powder.Our company is one of the most professional domestic enterprises that integrate research and development, manufacturing and distribution of such products. We have numerous styles of products with consistent quality and excellent performance that fully meet the national quality and sanitary standards.

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