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How to choose an ice cream machine?

I have a sweet tooth since I was a child. Although I am not young now, I still love to eat it. I want to eat ice cream no matter what season it is. Take a sip of cool ice cream to instantly refresh your mood.

The icy and sweet ice cream seems to be able to instantly relieve the heat in one bite, so for foodies who are afraid of heat, summer without ice cream is incomplete.

There are all kinds of ice cream machines on the market. If you don’t choose well, not only will the production experience be greatly reduced, but you will even suffer. So how can you choose an ice cream machine? The following ice cream machine manufacturer Gongly Xiaobian will share with you the knowledge of ice cream machine purchase.

The reason why so many people love ice cream is that in addition to the sweet taste, it is also inseparable from the sweet and colorful design, which can directly determine the appearance, flavor type and color of ice cream. It is the number of outlets for ice cream, so the first step in choosing is to look at the number of outlets.

1. Single head discharge port

There is only one storage cylinder, refrigeration cylinder and discharge port for the ice cream machine with a single discharge port. This ice cream maker is small in size and light in weight, so it doesn't take up a lot of space for storage. At the same time, the price of ice cream machine is relatively cheap.

However, when making ice cream, this single-head ice cream machine can only make ice cream of a single color and flavor at the same time, that is, single-color ice cream. If you want to make colorful and multi-flavored ice cream, you have to change the ingredients, which is more troublesome.

ice cream maker

2. Three discharge ports

The three-head discharge port, as the name suggests, is an ice cream machine with three discharge ports, and the corresponding storage tank and refrigeration cylinder are three, which means that it can produce three flavors, three colors and two at the same time. Three mixed flavors of ice cream to satisfy your fancy mind.

3. Five heads or long heads

An ice cream machine with five or more discharge ports is absolutely 666 in terms of functionality and style. If there is a lot of traffic, the ice cream produced will be sufficient in both weight and speed. However, this type is relatively bulky and is obviously more suitable for ice cream shops. Cafes, Western restaurants and other dining places.

Now everything is evolving in the direction of intelligence, and ice cream machines are no exception. There are countless function buttons. We must adhere to the concept of the more the better. NONONO! If you want any function, who can hold it at that price live? When choosing, the basic functions do not need to be repeated, and it is enough to choose some extra points according to your own situation.

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