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What is an ice cream machine freezing cylinder?

What is an ice cream machine freezing cylinder? What are the characteristics of the freezing cylinder?

       The main phenomenon of the ice cream machine freezing cylinder is that it can not be discharged, and there will be abnormal "咔嚓咔嚓" friction sound in the machine. At this time, the power should be unplugged in time, wait for 1-2 hours to wait for the ice inside to melt. Turn on the machine and press the cleaning button to release the ingredients and clean them.

Ice cream machine freezing cylinders generally belong to the user's improper use of operation, today Xiaobian to explain how to avoid the situation of the freezing cylinder.

First of all, when we use it normally, the ingredients are one kilogram of powder with three liters of water. Stir well without granules. When the slurry is introduced into the material tank, it is necessary to pass the minimum warning line (the two cylinders must have materials to work), and the machine can be automatically operated by clicking fully automatic, and it can be formed in about 15 minutes. After molding, press the liquid outlet valve to squeeze out the ice cream to test the softness of the ice cream. If the ice cream is too soft, you can adjust the hardness of the ice cream machine. The general hardness position is 2-3.

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