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Daily maintenance of ice cream machine

In order to improve the service life of machine parts, regular cleaning of the ice cream machine can make the ice cream last longer. When you maintain the ice cream machine, you can classify it according to the running function of the internal and external parts of the machine. Some parts need to be cleaned and maintained every day; some can be cleaned only once in three months. The following small series will take the ice cream machine BQL-18S as an example to analyze the maintenance steps:

   1. Cleaning of the storage tank

       The storage tank must be cleaned once a day.

       (1) Start the cleaning button, discharge all the waste slurry in the tank, and press the stop button.

       (2) Add the disinfectant with warm water and pour it into the storage tank. The water volume of the two cylinders is the same.

       (3) Stir by the cleaning button for about 1-2 minutes to drain the cleaning solution.

       (4) Wash again with water for 2-3 times and stop.

       (5) Turn off the power and remove all parts.

   2, the body cleaning

       Consumers need beautiful, clean and hygienic machines, please keep the appearance of the body clean at any time. You can wipe the body with a wet towel to remove stains. Do not rinse with water to avoid malfunction of the appliance.

   3, cleaning the condenser

       During the working period, the condenser will be covered with dust and affect the heat dissipation. The cooling effect is poor. The specific cleaning time can vary from three months to six months depending on the operating environment. Turn off the power before cleaning. Do not damage the condenser fins and use a soft brush. The hair dryer can be cleaned up.

   4, transmission adjustment

       After the machine has been used for a long time, the transmission belt of the mixing system may be elongated and needs to be adjusted. The phenomenon occurs that the belt slips and the machine stops suddenly after a while. The series of soft ice cream machine will display the word "NL" on the digital tube and beep. The device emits a long-term regular intermittent sound. At this time, disconnect the power supply, remove the left side panel of the machine, and use a wrench to adjust the screws fixed under the motor (the specific situation is slightly different due to different machine models, please call the after-sales phone for consultation) At this point, the machine is not faulty. Before the belt is adjusted, the machine must be shut down and the power is turned off. After the belt is adjusted tightly, the machine returns to normal.

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