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The ice cream produced has ice slag

In order to make the ice cream taste smooth and reduce the generation of ice slag, it is necessary to explain from several aspects of the use of the ice cream machine.

1, the ratio of ice cream powder to water is wrong, add water, please strictly control the proportion of ice cream powder.

2. The slurry is not uniformly stirred and requires sufficient mixing time.

3. After cleaning the ice cream machine, the water in the cylinder is not drained clean.

4. The rest time is not enough. The slurry after stirring is allowed to stand for more than 15 minutes (the rest time is slightly longer, and the stirring may be repeated several times). This process is called aging. You will find that the aged ice cream liquid becomes very thick. This will make the produced ice cream cake more delicate and the puffing effect is better.

5, the quality of the ice cream machine or ice cream powder used is not good, resulting in low ice cream puffing rate, and more ice slag.

6. The most common phenomenon is that the ice cream that has just been produced in the morning tastes particularly smooth. In a certain period of time, such as 1-2 hours, the ice cream machine does not have any output, and the ice cream produced tastes. There is some feeling of rustling. The main reason for this phenomenon is that ice cream is not sold in the ice cream machine for a long time, and the ice cream in the ice cream machine refrigeration cylinder undergoes a process of repeated melting-freezing-thawing-freezing, which causes the water in the ice cream to precipitate and crystallize. The above phenomenon will occur. The solution is to take out the ice cream with a clean container, then pour it into the storage tank to melt and reproduce it, and sell it as soon as possible.

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