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Soft machine introduction


Soft ice cream machine is divAided into vertical soft ice cream machine and desktop soft ice cream machine according to machine shape; according to the number of discharge ports, it is divided into single head, double head, three head or multi head ice cream machine. Most ice cream machines on the market are three heads. Ice cream machine, also known as the three-color ice cream machine.

Single head ice cream machine

There is only one storage tank, one refrigeration cylinder and one discharge port, and only one color, that is, one flavor of ice cream, can be produced. This ice cream machine is called a monochrome ice cream machine. Generally suitable for small bars, coffee shops, western restaurants, KTV, Internet cafes, etc., where the production and taste of ice cream are not much demanded. The price is relatively cheap. This ice cream machine is small in size, light in weight around 80KG, and power is generally 750W. -1800W between.

Three-head ice cream machine

There are two storage cylinders, two refrigeration cylinders and three discharge ports. At the same time, three colors, namely three flavors of ice cream, can be produced, including two pure flavors and one mixed flavor. This ice cream machine is more common on the market. The weight is generally 150KG, and the power ranges from 1700W to 4000W. It is suitable for all kinds of ice cream shops, western restaurants, bars, coffee shops, cinemas, etc. where there are many requirements for ice cream production and taste.

Baking special ice cream machine

Baking ice cream machine, a subdivided product that appeared in the ice cream machine market around 2016, is a kind of soft ice cream machine.

Such ice cream machines generally have the following characteristics:

1, through the relevant departments of the flora detection, with seven days of no-clean features, can reduce the staffing of the bakery.

2. The lower feed pressure ice cream machine is suitable for use in the baking industry, and the operation is simpler and more elegant.

3, large output, strong refrigeration capacity, strong ability to play, can easily cope with the peak of passenger flow in the bakery.

4. For the storefront characteristics of the bakery, the upper exhaust design is adopted to increase the store utilization.

5, for the characteristics of the high temperature of the bakery, such ice cream machine can work continuously in high temperature environment.

6, appearance, the shell is mostly made of 304 stainless steel.

Five-head ice cream machine, seven-head or multi-head ice cream machine

There are three storage tanks with three refrigeration cylinders and five heads for ice cream, which can produce ice cream in five colors and five flavors. Among them are three pure flavors and two mixed flavors.

The seven-head ice cream machine is also called a seven-color ice cream machine or a colorful ice cream machine.

This kind of ice cream machine, the type of soft ice cream machine that has appeared in recent years, has four storage tanks, four refrigeration cylinders and seven discharge ports. At the same time, it can put four flavors of ice cream raw materials, which can produce four solid colors and three. A mix of seven colors of ice cream. Due to the simultaneous production of more flavors, it is especially suitable for those occasions where the taste of the product is relatively high. In the past, two machines were needed to do the work. The appearance of this model completely broke the limitation of the traditional color ice cream machine. Therefore, this model was launched, and it was highly sought after by some operators, and they were ordered.

However, due to the lack of demand for multi-head ice cream machines in actual use, the corresponding market share can be neglected.

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