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What is a hard ice machine?

Hard ice machine, the full name of the hard ice cream machine, is an automatic electromechanical device for making hard ice cream. It can be divided into desktop hard ice cream machine, mobile hard ice cream machine and automatic hard ice cream machine.

The biggest feature of the hard ice cream machine is its small size, stylish appearance, simple operation, easy installation and use. If equipped with a small freezer, it can become a small factory for boxed ice cream production. It is widely used in stalls, workshops, canteens and restaurants. ;

Secondly, the design of the hard ice cream machine is both line and bright, luxurious and beautiful, and easy to clean, clean and hygienic;

Third, the hard ice cream machine uses quality compressors and reducers, which are high in efficiency, low in power consumption, safe and reliable, and will bring you considerable economic benefits.

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