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Fried ice machine purchase

The compressor used in the fried ice machine, the whole industry fried ice machine is generally used air-conditioning compressor, but the industry is not uniform, each merchant rarely uses the new imported compressor, because the cost is too high, no profit is profitable, so The basic use of the industry is the 2-hand imported compressor, but also the domestic use, the compressor is the core component of the fried ice machine, only the use of a new imported compressor can guarantee the stability of the machine later use.

Fried ice

Fried ice

2. Whether the inside of the fried ice machine is full copper tube, full pot soldering, because the market is useful for iron pipe, aluminum pipe spot welding, copper pipe, full pot soldering is the most reasonable, practical, large icing area. Full copper tube, full pot soldering production cost is much higher than iron tube, aluminum tube spot welding. The drawbacks of iron pipe and aluminum pipe spot welding, the later rusting machine will not be used, the spotting area of the spot welding is small, and the speed of the fried ice will be slowed down.

3. How much is the condenser cooling system inside the fried ice machine? There are 3*6, 4*6 in the market. Many merchants use the unreasonable condenser to make the heat dissipation, and the machine is easy to crash. , thermal protection and other phenomena, this is why there are many customers on the market to reflect the reason why the ice machine is easy to crash in the hot weather.

4, the specifications of the fried ice machine, what plate production, the above several purchase of fried ice machine must be signed to order sales contract guarantee, specify the detailed configuration of the product, to avoid the wrong version.

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