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How to prevent ice cream machine from freezing

     1, ice cream powder must be strictly according to the proportion of water, the water can not be more than, generally 1:2.5;

     2. When cleaning the ice cream machine, the water should be completely discharged. If there is more residual water that has not been released, it will be directly fed and easy to freeze the cylinder;

     3. When the feeding is made, press the cleaning button for 2-4 minutes to fill the freezing cylinder and press the cooling button.

     4, when starting the cooling, the hardness should not be adjusted too high, you can lower it a little, then go up slowly;

     5. If it is a three-color ice cream machine, be sure to keep the slurry in both tanks. If one tank has material, one cylinder should be fed in time, and if it is empty, it will freeze the cylinder;

     6. If the hand grip is automatically cooled in the standby state of the empty machine, the rectangular iron piece on the handle is an automatic cooling key. Some novices do not know that they will unintentionally move the handle, and find that the machine should be turned off in time after starting. 

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